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Online Survey Research Opportunities

Published: May 20th, 2019

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Want to help others by getting engaging in helpful research? You can do this right from your home by completing any of the following short survey’s seeking your help to better understand tic disorders.


Adults with Tourette

While once thought that Tourette Syndrome was a childhood disorder, new research suggests that 66% of individuals with TS will experience symptoms throughout adulthood.

In an effort to better support the adult community, the TAA has created a list of resource topics that we are looking for input on. Click below to take the survey! Your feedback will help the Tourette Association of America develop resources of support.

Webinar Survey Link


PosTic Survey 

 There is an issue both children and young adults with Tourette syndrome (TS) are facing: lack of resources that are created by people that have TS. Meeting someone else with TS is very rare in my experience, especially if they have discreet motor and vocal tics. Although there are scattered support groups across the country, many people are either to embarrassed with their diagnosis or too busy to attend these meetings that would allow them to feel connected with others going through similar experiences.

Ivette, a current UF undergraduate student with TS proposes a project that would create a booklet  comprised of stories from both children and adults with TS, and she needs your help to do this! This resource has the potential to fill this support gap and create a sense of connection for those that cannot attend support group meetings. If you or your child are interested in submitting a story for this booklet, please complete the survey below to receive more information.

PosTic Survey Link


Capturing Perspectives About CBIT

 Whether you have tried it or not, we are looking for input on behavioral treatments for Tourette Syndrome.

Treating Tourette Together (TTT) is a collaboration between the TAA, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and leading behavioral sciences researchers. Our goal is to incorporate patient, provider, and researcher feedback into the next generation of behavioral therapy for Tourette Syndrome.

The survey will only take 2-5 minutes of your time! Even if you have never heard of Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention (CBIT), your input is valuable.

 Treating Tourette Together Survey Link


Family Accommodation in Children with Chronic Tic Disorders

 Flyer for more information: Kent State Survey Flyer

Description: Researchers at Kent State University are seeking parents of children/ adolescents ages 7-17 to complete a survey designed to help us better understand how parents of children with chronic tic disorders interact with their children. This posting has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of Kent State University.

If you have a child between the ages of 7 and 17 years and live with them 50% of the time or more please select the following link to participate in this study: