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2019 TAA Youth Ambassador Applications

Published: October 3rd, 2018

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The TAA  has just announced their 2019 Youth Ambassador applications and training schedule.
The Tourette Association will  host  the 2019 Youth Ambassador Training from March 3-March 5, 2019.  This is a program in which the Tourette Association finds youth that are interested in becoming ambassadors for the Tourette Community. Youth Ambassadors support their community by advocating for their peers at school, sporting events, social events and after school programs.
The Tourette Association seeks at least one teen & parent/guardian team from each Tourette Association Chapter or Affiliated Support Group (or at least one team per state not served by a Tourette Association Chapter/Affiliated Support Group) to attend the upcoming training.

If chosen as a Youth Ambassador, a youth will have an opportunity to discuss Tourette syndrome and Tic Disorders in Congress during their training dates during their “Trip to the Hill.” This program not only serves to as an opportunity to advocate for your community, but also a great way to learn skills for leadership.


Roles of the Youth Ambassador:

  • Giving peer to peer presentations (schools, after-school clubs, scout meetings, athletic team meetings), etc.
  • Informing the schools at which they present of the availability of a Chapter representative who can come in to educate staff.
  • Increasing awareness and understanding of Tourette & tic disorders in your community
  • Increasing media attention. Many newspapers print the press releases that Youth Ambassadors send them before and after their training.
  • Assisting Chapter/Support group meetings and events
  • Being mentors to youth with TS.
  • Representing the Chapter at Capitol Hill during National Advocacy Day.
  • Writing to and meeting with politicians locally.
  • Enhancing fundraising efforts.
Training Dates: March 3- March 5, 2019
Where: Arlington, VA
Who: Teen (Youth Ambassador) and their parent/adult guardian (ages 12-17)
Youth Ambassador Program Information: Youth Ambassador Program
Youth Ambassador Application: Youth Ambassador Application
Deadline Date: Due to Natalie-Joseph Pauline ( by  Friday, November 16, 2018

Follow up with your Center of Excellence for more information.

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