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What is “Tourific?” One TS Youth Ambassador explains…

Published: May 9th, 2017

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Written by Bailey M. of Florida

Terrific. Terrific.

What do you know? It’s the usual Monday. You have work to do, stories to write, speeches to put together, support groups to plan. Well, maybe you don’t have to do that, but I have to do. I choose to write and to give speeches. Of course, when your speeches are running long and your sentences need trimming from the overgrown size they are, it can get overwhelming. And trust me, I’m overwhelmed.

Perhaps I should back up and give some background information. I have Tourette syndrome. You know, the neurodevelopmental disorder that causes people to do and say things they can’t control? No, well that’s why I’m writing these speeches, stories, and essays. To educate people about people who have Tourette syndrome. To educate people about what it is like to have Tourette syndrome. To tell people about this disorder so that when I’m in public, if I have to tell somebody “Sorry about my sounds, I have Tourette Syndrome,” the other person automatically knows what I’m talking about and I don’t have to spend minutes upon minutes explaining. To create book characters with Tourette so that kids have some representation in the media.

Unfortunately I’ve run into one small speed bump. I’m repeating so many words and using up so much space. Who wants to read a book or an essay or listen to a speech where half the words are “people with Tourette” or “a common thing that people with Tourette do”. I wouldn’t. But there is no word for me to use to replace these long phrases. I need a word.

So that’s why this is overwhelming. I have too many words and half of them are because I have no way to conveniently write a simple idea.

I need to complain to somebody. Not you, you can’t answer me back. I think I might have a friend who isn’t busy. Let me just check my contacts… Bingo, H. Nation. Good friend, great advice. She always listens when I rant. Which may or may not be a lot. I’ll just repeat what I told you lovely folks and hit the send button and… Wow she responded quickly. “Tourific”. I like it. Simple and to the point. It’s an adjective and a noun at the same time. Thank you Ms. Nation you just made my workload so much easier.

What do you think folks? I like the word. “Tourific people” and “a common tourific thing is” and “Sorry about the noise. I’m tourific”. (Okay I’ll need to work sorry out of my vocabulary. I shouldn’t have to apologize for something I was born with.)

Listen folks I’m going to have to kick you out while I get some work done. I’ve got a lot of editing to do and I’ve got a new word, courtesy of Ms. Nation, to help me do it.

Tourific. Tourific


(Names have been changed to protect privacy)


Bailey M. is a Youth Ambassador in Florida.

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