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2017 Tourette Awareness Month

Published: May 2nd, 2017

Category: feature

TS Awareness Month

It is quickly becoming the most exciting time of the year again….Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month!

So, what can you do to promote Tourette Syndrome awareness in your area.  The Tourette Association of American has provided us with five ways that raise awareness. For immediate and simple ways to promote right from your own area, try the following:

1) Join TAA Thunderclap

  •     This is an “online flash mob” to support Tourette Awareness. When you join it will be posted in one large social media release (with the rest of the nation) on May 21st at 10am.

2) Promote TS awareness

  • Wear Teal Tuesdays- Every Tuesday starting on May 16th, wear teal to promote the TS awareness.  Don’t be afraid to be creative.  Nail color, jewelry, buttons, clothing, shoes and more.
  • Use programs such as “twibbon” to customize your social media profile pictures with a Tourette awareness badge.  Find out more information here.
  • Share your TS story with the TAA
  • Write to your local Congressional Leader with “Rally4Tourette.”

3) Join one of your Tourette Awareness Support Group Events.

  • Check in with your local support group leaders for Virtual walks, or even create your own to promote awareness in your home town.


Let your local Center of Excellence know that you are interested in getting involved for Tourette Awareness month and join their efforts to support the mission.