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TV Show Seeking TS Participants Looking for Jobs

Published: April 4th, 2017

Category: feature

The Tourette Association of America and the Southeast Regional Centers of Excellences have been approached by Optomen Productions  about a tremendous opportunity for job-seekers with neurological conditions such as Tourette Syndrome.  Optomen Productions is currently producing new episodes of the award-winning documentary television series “Employable Me” which follows people living the USA with neuro divergent conditions such as Tourette Syndrome, Autism and Aspergers who have been challenged in finding meaningful, long-term employment.  The casting is nationwide.

“Employable Me” tells the stories of people who have been looking for work for some time and who may have become frustrated in their search for employment.  As part of their series, people who have Tourette’s, for example, will be partnered up with experts, career counselors, doctors and specialists so they can refine their job hunt, and at long last find a job that best suits their unique skill sets, matches their strengths and ultimately creates meaning in their life.

The series is hoping to hear from people with Tourette Syndrome who are interested in sharing their situation, and describing where their condition has been employment-prohibitive to date, and who could benefit from being a part of our series.


A summary of highlights from episodes of the UK-version of the series can be viewed here

Password for video:  job123

 Additional clips of the series – thus far only broadcast in the UK – can be found at BBC website.

  If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Producer Liz Alderman today at:

Employable Me Sign