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TS Story, as written by a TAA Youth Ambassador

Published: January 12th, 2016

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There are many different and creative ways to share your story of TS with others.  Some find it helpful to tell jokes, some find it helpful to just talk to their friends.  But one Florida TAA youth Ambassador, Bailey, uses story writing to share experiences and her views on TS.  She stated that “I find that sometimes it is easier to learn about something through a story.” Please enjoy the story that she has written titled:

Alex and Tomoko (Tourette’s)

“Alex felt the rush of the cold air as he stepped into the ice cream shop. His friend, Tomoko, went to the counter to buy some ice cream. Alex walked over to their usual table and sat down. His mind was buzzing with different thoughts. Unknowingly, he started tapping his fingers against the metal table top in a small pattern. Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump.

“Excuse me. Excuse me, sir? Could you stop?” A middle-aged lady called to Alex. He looked up at her, still tapping his fingers against the table. “Stop that tapping. It’s irritating.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s a tic. I have Tourette Syndrome. It causes me to do things I can’t control.” Alex let out a little whistle. The lady glared at him.

“Well then control it.” With that, she went back to her kid, whose face was covered in ice cream.

“What was that about?” Tomoko sat down in her seat and handed Alex his milkshake.

“I was ticin’ and she found it annoyin’. She musta thought I was doin’ it on purpose.” Alex took a sip of his milkshake. He started tapping his fingers again. “This is good.”

The lady from before shot Alex a glare. Alex simply ignored her and continued to drink his milkshake. Tomoko stared at him. “What is Tourette Syndrome?”

Alex gave her a confused look before nodding his head. “Right. You never heard of it before. Have you? Tourette Syndrome is a neurological thing. There are three different types a tics. Vocal tics are sound you make with yer mouth, or nose if one a yer vocal tics is sniffin’, like me. Motor tics are things like jumpin’, tappin’ yer fingers, bouncin’ yer leg, throwin’ yer head back an’ forth. The list could go on forever.” As if to prove his point, Alex started sniffing and bouncing his leg. The middle-aged lady shot another glare at Alex.

“And the third type?” Tomoko leaned in closer, interested.

“The third type is jus’ mental tics. It’s basically just gettin’ mentally caught on something and not being able to let the thought go.”

“Isamu told me that Tourette’s was every other neurological disorder rolled into one.”

“‘E said that, huh? I think it’s true. It makes sense that way.” He went back to tapping the tabletop. This time, both his hands were are at work.

The lady from before finally had enough and dragged her kid out of the shop. The kids ice cream dripping down his arm. She muttered something about people making things up to excuse their actions. Alex put one of his hands in his lap the minute the door slammed shut, the other one still tapping away. Tomoko could hardly contain her giggling. She glanced over at her friend, who had a proud smirk on his face.

“Sometimes I wonder why we became friends.”

“Then we ‘ave times like this and you remem’er.” Alex finished off his milkshake.

“I wasn’t going to say that.” Alex gave a frown and crossed his arms. Tomoko only giggled. “I was going to say, ‘then you act like this and I realize you need somebody watching you to make sure you don’t get into trouble.’”

Alex only rolled his eyes. “Are you going to finish that?”

Also, if you would like to check out more of her TS awareness work, feel free to check out her FanFiction publication about TS diagnosis.

Thank you for sharing!


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